In the course of million years nature has developed striking solutions for highly complex problems. Since 1991 the mission of Bergedorfer Biotechnik is to research and develop biological and environmental friendly cleaning products based on these powerful natural processes.

Our claim is that our fully biological and resource preserving developments are at least of the same quality and effectiveness as common chemical products in order to offer consumers a true, environmental friendly alternative.

Foundation for our developments is a broad network of distinguished experts in research, development and production „made in Germany“. From this network we flexibly assign teams depending on the specific task ahead. All our products are either secured against competition by extensive patents or at least by unique production methods.

Next to our first product, a biological pipe cleaner, BBT offers today a broad range of innovative, sustainable and warning-label-free products from washing detergents over toilet cleaners to body care, which is internationally distributed by well-known licensees but also under our own brands

In addition to our own development of products we offer individual development as a service. And we are also constantly searching for other patentable product ideas that we can bring to a marketable state through our network.